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Duke Medicine: Test your knowledge about exercise, breast cancer

Posted October 15, 2012 8:50 p.m. EDT

You probably know that exercising and staying active are important, but do you know how important they are when it comes to reducing your risk for breast cancer? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge, and then click over to for the answers.

1. True of False: An exercise program is only good for building muscles and strengthening the cardiovascular system.

2. Research shows exercise can:
a) reduce fatigue
b) reduce the side effects of cancer treatment
c) lower breast cancer patients’ risk of recurrence
d) all of the above

3. True or False: Breast cancer survivors should exercise as much as (or more if necessary) than they did before being treated.

4. How much exercise makes a difference in your breast cancer risk.
a) 3+ hours per week
b) 5 to 10 hours
c) 10 to 20 hours

5. What are the best types of exercise for women who want to improve their quality of life and reduce their risk of breast cancer?
a) Cardiovascular exercise like walking
b) Strength training workouts like lifting weights
c) Flexibility exercises like yoga
d) All of the above with physician approval

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