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Duke Medicine: Is it dangerous for kids to specialize in sports too early?

Dr. Andre Grant of Duke Orthopaedics shares his thoughts on kids focusing on one sport too early.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
Last week, I introduced you to Dr. Andre Grant of Duke Orthopaedics. He shared some tips and advice on common sports injuries for kids and how to prevent them. Read my earlier post and watch the video by clicking here.

We also chatted about whether there is a danger in kids specializing in a sport too early, a topic that is in the news from time to time. Grant tells me he gets that question a lot. For him though, it's really all about whether or not the child has a desire to get out there and play.

For more, watch my interview with Grant in the video.

Grant is an orthopaedic surgeon who focuses on providing the latest, most advanced surgical procedures in sports medicine. He brings a unique perspective to his practice. Grant was an NFL-scouted wide receiver who served as an assistant team physician for the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Nationals, among other teams, during his sports medicine fellowship.

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