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Duke Medicine: Developing an injury prevention program

Posted September 5, 2011 8:50 p.m. EDT

Editor's Note: Thanks to our sponsor, Duke Medicine and its Duke Outreach Soccer Program, Go Ask Mom is featuring information about soccer safety. Click here to read last week's post and stay tuned next Tuesday for more.

Due to the prevalence of ACL injuries and other debilitating injuries in the game of soccer, and especially among young females, it is important to focus on how to prevent these injuries and keep more players on the field.

While injuries from contact may be hard to prevent, neuromuscular injuries are much more preventable. Using proper strength training, balance training, and mechanisms of movement can help to decrease your risk of injury. So, following a comprehensive injury prevention program is vitally important in avoiding neuromuscular causes of injury.

To read more about important components of an injury prevention plan, read the full post and watch several videos on