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Duke doctor turned actor, lands role on NBC's 'Chicago Med' Season Finale

The season finale of NBC's hit TV show "Chicago Med" airs Thursday and a Duke doctor is now mixed in all the drama.

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Lora Lavigne
, WRAL reporter
DURHAM, N.C. — Dr. Oren Gottfried spent much of the pandemic behind computer screens, and cell phones, helping thousands of patients through Telehealth when they couldn’t get to the hospital.

His expertise has landed him on TV, most recently on NBC's hit TV show "Chicago Med."

“That I am just a neurosurgeon at Duke University that likes to take care of patients,” Gottfried said.

Gottfried is known for doing complex spinal surgeries at Duke University Hospital. He has appeared in hundreds of on-screen credits for serving as a medical consultant for some of TV’s biggest medical dramas.

“I helped with the script, writing the outlines, the breaking new medical stories. But I've also just found it fascinating to be involved in every level in production,” Gottfried told WRAL.

That fascination and passion for his work in the operating room led to his big moment on the "Chicago Med" season finale Wednesday night.

“I will admit it was quite exciting to be on this end where I know I actually have a line. I’m apart of the rhythm of the scene,” he said.

Gottfried said it's less about the drama and entertainment and more about making sure physician and patient experiences are depicted accurately.

“These are real illnesses that we're talking about and people are watching or know a family member or friend who is suffering from this illness or suffering in general. We can never minimize or take the fiction in the direction that a person can feel marginalized,” he added.

Standing side by side with actors and producers, advising them with first-hand experiences, he hopes to connect with patients across the country dealing with similar circumstances.

“I use these experiences to help build a stronger story and hopefully build, you know, a touching story," Gottfried said.

Gottfried said he did a little acting in his childhood, but nothing to this caliber. He said he would be willing to play many more acting roles in the future if the opportunity presented itself.

The "Chicago Med" season finale airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday on WRAL.


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