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Driving instructor gives tips on escaping a submerged car after elderly man dies

Posted April 24, 2018 4:06 p.m. EDT

— A couple of swings of the hammer to smash a car window may just save your life, says Cornhusker Driving School instructor Pat Venditte.

"It's not going to take many times if you are in a hurry to get out of the car," he said.

Venditte says knowing how to get out of a car submerged in water is essential.

FOX42 news reporter Steve Saunders met with Venditte at A-1 Auto Parts salvage yard to see exactly what you can do.

If your car is under water and your windows are rolled up and stuck, Venditte says unbuckle those seat belts, or cut them free if you need to.

"Get the kids in front seat first, then break the window, and the window that we're going after is the driver-side window," he said.

Venditte says you have to do this because you won't be strong enough to open the door with the water surrounding the car.

He recommends a window breaking tool, and to hit the window right in the center.

If you don't have one, improvise with something that's heavy and hard.

Once the glass shatters, Venditte says carefully clear the glass with your covered elbow or the tool in your hand.

Put your backside out the window and then hop out of the car.

On Saturday, a 90-year-old man died after police say his daughter's car rolled into a pond.

It happened near 288th Street and West Center Road at around 9pm.

Joni Carveth, 62, was driving, and her father, Dewey Anderson, 90, was in the passenger seat.

They were leaving a home in the area when the parking break was released and the car rolled into the pond, officials say.

Carveth was able to get out and get to safety, but police say Anderson drown.

The dive team went into the pond and retrieved Dewey and took him to Bergan Mercy, where he was pronounced dead at 10:20 pm.

Officials say the incident appears to be accidental but the investigation is still ongoing.

Vendetti says he hopes to teach his students how they can try to get out of a tricky situation like this.

"This will be incorporated into all of our drivers ed classes as time goes on," he said.