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Driver said man shoots himself in back of Uber SUV

Posted November 29, 2017 3:55 p.m. EST

— This has to be one of the strangest cases involving an Uber ride.

On the night of Nov. 18, an Uber driver picks up three people to drive them to a nearby destination. After just a couple of minutes on the road, a shot rings out in the SUV and a man sitting behind the driver starts screaming.

Melissa Veloz, who was driving, says it was a shock.

"My ears were definitely ringing," Veloz said.

The man sitting behind her had accidentally shot himself in the hand and leg and was bleeding heavily.

"He couldn't talk.. he was just screaming," she said.

Veloz drove the man to Banner Desert in Mesa. It wasn't until after the ordeal did she see the mess he left behind.

"Blood had pooled underneath the crossbar of my car so they had to cut that to get the blood underneath," Veloz said.

It was all over the seat and even on the ceiling of the car.

She had to hire a hazmat team to clean it out. Since they had to cut the crossbar to get the blood out, the SUV is now unsafe to drive and a total loss.

It was Veloz's only vehicle and now has to get rides from family and friends to get to her day job.

Arizona's Family reached out to Uber, who says they will cover the $1,000 dollar deductible for insurance and help out in anyway possible.

As for Veloz, she says that night plays out in her head and that she can't even step foot in her SUV.

"I have to come up with a downpayment for a new car... I have to start over on a new car, all of this over a $4 fare," Veloz said.

The man who shot himself is now facing a felony charge of unlawfully discharging a firearm.