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Doula helps new moms postpartum

Posted July 11, 2010 8:24 p.m. EDT

To most people, a doula is somebody who helps a woman as she goes through labor and delivery. She's there to coach and support and to serve as a liaison between medical staff and parents, if needed.

Pam Diamond, owner of First Daze & Nightzzz: Baby & Sleep Specialists in Cary, helps once the baby is home.

The mom of a teen and tween is a postpartum doula, helping new moms with everything from newborn care and breastfeeding education to meal preparation, light household chores and overnight support so exhausted moms can get a little sleep. She works with moms of singletons, multiples and adopted children. And to many, she's what helped them get through that difficult, emotional first few weeks and months.

Pam recently became the fourth person in the country to receive certification as a H.U.G. trainer. The H.U.G., which stands for Help, Understanding and Guidance, is an evidence-based and family-friendly approach to helping parents understand their baby's body language to promote breastfeeding; prevent and solve common problems about a baby's eating, sleeping and crying; and enhance the bond between parents and child.

"The H.U.G. is like an owner's manual for new parents," she says.

For the next four weeks on Wednesdays, Pam will be here on Go Ask Mom with more information about postpartum doulas along with tips for new moms, how to get infants to sleep and how to survive with multiples.

But I thought I'd introduce her today. So learn more about Pam in this video. And stay tuned on Wednesday for more.