DOT patrols to help after wrecks in Fortify zone

The DOT has patrolling crews to offer assistance to drivers within the Fortify construction zone.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Although many drivers who routinely use Interstate 440 to get from east Raleigh into downtown and beyond have become familiar with the challenges of making it through the Fortify work zone, the area hasn't been devoid of accidents and delays.

On Tuesday morning, a minor wreck just past the Interstate 40/Interstate 440 merge created major delays all the way back into Johnston County.

State Department of Transportation crews have been patrolling the area more actively since lane closures were completed in early March, and they have several suggestions for drivers to help keep traffic flowing in the event of accidents of break downs.

If you break down or get into a wreck in the Fortify work zone, follow these DOT tips:

  • When an accident involves injuries, call 911 and remain in your car with flashers on.
  • When an accident does not involve injuries, call 911 and drive to the nearest exit. Don't stop in the construction zone.
  • If you see an accident, slow down, drive around the wreck if possible and call 911.

DOT engineer Ben Griffin, who manages the Triangle's I-MAP - Incident Management Assistance Patrols - program, said officials are constantly patrolling the work zone looking for drivers who may need help.

"The guys are carrying extra supplies on their trucks, extra gasoline, extra diesel fuel," Griffin said.

Some I-MAP trucks also include display panels that can direct traffic around wrecks.

To help clear cars from the work zone, the DOT has hired East Coast Towing to remove broken down or damaged vehicles.

Drivers that need help from an I-MAP crew can dial *HP on their cellphone.

Construction in work zone picking up pace

Crews responsible for rebuilding I-440 West and East between the I-40/440 split and U.S. Highway 64/264 are continuing work to rip up the old highway, officials said Friday.

Weather permitting, crews could begin putting down new asphalt on I-440 West in mid-April.

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