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Dog succumbs to injuries after fundraising efforts by Raleigh woman

Posted January 5, 2016 6:24 p.m. EST

A stranger has helped raise $10,000 for the vet bill of a dog that was hit by a car.

— Kunal Chablani and his dog, Tony, were walking across Hillsborough Street when they were hit by a car on Dec. 16.

Despite hours of surgery and care at the North Carolina State University veterinarian school, Tony took a turn for the worse over the weekend and wasn’t able to recover.

Tony passed away peacefully with Chablani by his side.

Francie Cronin came across the scene on her way to way to work. Cronin, who didn’t know Chablani, said the incident broke her heart.

She saw that, while paramedics were trying to help Chablani, he was dragging himself over to his badly injured dog to try to help it.

"I'm an animal lover," Cronin said. "I have a dog, and I thought, if I was in that exact same situation, my concern would be for my dog as well. I just looked at him, and I told him, 'I will watch out for your dog and don't worry about the vet bills.'"

Tony's bills totaled well over $10,000 – a lot more than Cronin had expected.

But she refused to back out of the deal. Cronin set up online fundraising page that brought in about $14,000.