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Dog Greets Kids on North Carolina School Bus Every Day

Posted February 6, 2018 12:39 p.m. EST

— When a school bus passes by Deb Murray's home every day, her dog Charlie is ready to put on a show.

"He starts spinning around in circles and the kids start hollering at him," said Murray, who got Charlie from her sister who recently passed away. "He just kind of come into our lives unexpectedly and I'm glad he did."

The children on the bus love Charlie and every day you can hear them yelling for him.

"When he starts hearing them, those ears perk up and he takes off running," said Deb's husband, Johnny. "We just sit there and laugh and laugh."

Even though Charlie came into Johnny and Deb's lives because of the loss of her sister, the little dog has brought them a lot of joy too.

The family uses an underground fence to keep the dogs from leaving the yard and getting close to the road.