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Does a banana suit count as pants?

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A few round-up notes on the Fair ... just a little more than a month to go!

ITEM: Videos are already appearing on the Pants Dance Revolution YouTube channel. Does a banana suit count as pants?

ITEM: Walk-up sales for Fair tickets start October 2nd. Buying tix in advance will save you $2 per adult admission ticket and a spiffy $8 per ride sheet. You can get details on where to buy advance tickets here; it doesn't look like you'll be able to buy the ride bracelets in advance.

ITEM: Bright orange polo NC State Fair shirts. I'm jealous.

ITEM: Texas, we are all thinking about you and hoping you get well soon after Hurricane Ike stomped on Galveston. I am also thinking about the State Fair in Texas, which starts in Dallas on the 26th of September and runs until October 19th. They like deep frying things at the Texas State Fair. In a recent contest contestants deep-fried jelly beans, truffles, and a banana split. Then there was this concoction that involved a pineapple ring and liquid nitrogen... the winner of the contest? The chicken-fried bacon. See all the details at . Suddenly a deep-fried candy bar seems positively staid.

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