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Posted October 3, 2017 11:58 a.m. EDT

— A West Hartford bakery is making things a little sweeter this week by donating a percentage of its proceeds to Hurricane Maria relief.

The Hartford Baking Company said it is partnering with Americares to ensure donations quickly make their way to Puerto Rico.

"I'm happy that I can contribute in what is really an easy way for me, to buy something that's great for me but also know that it is going to a good cause, so it's fantastic," said Marc Rousset of West Hartford.

Regulars of the bakery in Farmington Avenue said they will be coming in more often this week as a result.

"We spoke to the governor of Puerto Rico actually to get his recommendation and Americares was one of the top three that we found," said Scott Kluger, president and founder, Hartford Baking Company.

Kluger said he hopes new faces will stop by and help the business raise at least a few thousand dollars.

"There's so much administrative time lost when these things happen, trying to figure out who's going to do what, and we figured let's just take it into our own hands and try to make a little dent," he said.

Customers told Channel 3 that they are more than willing to help their fellow Americans who have significant ties to the state.

"Hartford has a particular place in this world just because if its large Puerto Rican population and so you see a lot of mobilizing around town, both in Hartford, West Hartford and surrounding towns," Rousset said. "So I hope that what we're doing is helpful."

"It's great when people can take some money and send it to a good cause and make a difference, even if it's a small difference," said Derek Ezovski of West Hartford.

Kluger said if folks can't make it to the Farmington Avenue location, there's another right around the corner on New Park Avenue through Friday.