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DMV worker who handed out no-test license quits

Posted April 4, 2017 2:48 p.m. EDT

— A state Division of Motor Vehicles driver's license examiner who allegedly gave a Raleigh woman her license without a driving test resigned over the weekend, officials said Tuesday.

Kenyetta Redmond, 19, said she went to the DMV office on Spring Forest Road in north Raleigh last Thursday morning to take the driving test for her first license, but the examiner told her she was going to "bless" her and handed her the license. Redmond said the woman then escorted her out of the office, clipboard in hand, but instead of getting into the car with her for the driving test, she told Redmond to have a nice day as she went to get a soda.

Redmond said she and her mother returned to the DMV office that afternoon to report the incident, and she went to a different DMV office on Friday, where she passed the driving test and earned her license.

Acting DMV Commissioner Eric Boyette said agency officials have reason to believe Redmond's allegations and are using video footage from inside the Spring Forest Road office to determine whether the former worker, whose name wasn't released, gave other people licenses without the required tests.