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Diner wants to give every kid a chance to own a bike

Posted June 7, 2018 11:13 a.m. EDT

— Krystal Jo's Diner is giving kids a gift that they can enjoy all summer long.

The Diner's owner Tony Tucker wants to give kids a chance to have their own bicycle.

Tucker's backyard is filled with bicycles, where he spends all year getting these two-wheelers ready for eager kids to ride.

"I think riding a bicycle builds personality and beats the heck out of watching tv," Tucker told ABC 12.

Tucker knows how significant a bike is to a child.

He still has his first bicycle and all of the memories with it.

Many of the kids who pick up one of his bicycles have never owned one before.

So, he wants the children in Flint to be able to create their memories.

"We give the kids good healthy something to do so that they will do good and healthy things," Tucker said.

Last year during Krystal Jo's Bicycle Giveaway Tucker was only able to give away just over 500 bikes to kids in Flint, while more than a thousand kids lined up.

This year, Tucker worked harder to make this year bigger by giving away over a 1,000 bicycles.

"Generally what I do is take 12 bicycles in the barn, and I do 12 at a time. Some of them will be completely disassembled and saved for parts and others will be repaired," Tucker said.

Tucker hopes to fill two semi-trailers with more than a thousand bikes, where they'll be dropped off at two giveaway spots in Flint.

"We want to get to more kids. The easiest thing to do is to be at one event in the center of the city, but I want to get as to many as kids as possible because they can't get to us," he said.

Those two locations will be at Nethercutt Elementary and Holmes STEM Academy.

Tucker says families should get registered by 10:30 Saturday morning.