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Did you notice that Trump hasn't tweeted today?

It's prime time on the East Coast and something weird is (not) happening on the internet.

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Gregory Krieg (CNN)
(CNN) — It's prime time on the East Coast and something weird is (not) happening on the internet.

President Donald Trump hasn't posted. In 24 hours. Since about now on Tuesday night.

The last time Trump's account went mute for an entire calendar date looks to have been October 6 of last year, so coming up on 117 days ago.

His most recent tweet -- a prompt to watch the State of the Union -- landed a day ago, at 9 p.m. But like the one before that, from 3:12 p.m. on Monday, January 29, it was probably dialed up by a staffer. Both contain official, whitehouse.gov video clips.

Go back further still, to January 28, and the mystery deepens.

Trump appeared to tweet twice from his account on Sunday morning, at almost precisely the same time, but in what read like two different voices -- Trump's and someone trying to sound like him.

In the first of two 8:18 a.m. posts, Trump jabbed at rapper Jay-Z, who'd been critical of him on CNN's "The Van Jones Show" the day before:

Fewer than 60 seconds later (literally one second, actually, according to the Trump Twitter Archive), an uncannily grammatically astute "Trump" added this economic assessment:

So, what's going on? Is the President too busy bathing in not-awful reviews of his Tuesday night address? Is he pacing the Oval Office, trying to decide whether to "release the memo"?

Perhaps he's trying to make sense of this?

Or wondering how this got out?

Or maybe... maybe it's nothing.

You know what? Never mind.


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