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Despite city's ruling, Camelback Christmas tree returns in Phoenix

Posted December 5, 2017 1:17 p.m. EST

— It looks like the controversial Camelback Christmas tree has returned for the holidays.

Our Penguin air & Plumbing Newschopper captured the tree sitting on top of Camelback Mountain Monday afternoon with hikers taking photos around the area.

While the Camelback Christmas tree is a tradition, it's one that the City of Phoenix no longer allows.

Back in May, a City of Phoenix committee voted to not to allow a tree on the mountain.

At the time, Phoenix officials said it violated the city parks' policy to "leave no trace" of trash, which included the tree.

But the ruling has not stop folks from putting the tree back on Camelback Mountain.

According to the city of Phoenix rules, If a tree goes up then it will immediately be taken down.

In a statement, Phoenix city officials said that while their staff is mindful that this is a holiday tradition for some trail users, they want to remind the individuals involved to be respectful of how it impacts other trail users and the city's efforts to maintain that natural area.