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Despite Arrests, Raleigh Police Still Looking For Another Suspect In Golf Equipment Thefts

Posted July 11, 2002 5:17 a.m. EDT
Updated January 12, 2017 12:51 p.m. EST

— Raleigh police displayed the results of a raid that netted more evidence against a group of thieves accused of safecracking and stealing golf equipment. Authorities also said they are seeking out another suspect in the case.

Police said the thieves had numerous pieces of equipment, including an acetylene blow torch, safe grinders, a telescopic ladder, and cellphone blocking equipment that jams alarm systems.

Last week, police arrested Bradley Holton last week for running the theft ring, but they believe he had help. Investigators want to talk with Travis Wall. A witness told police he was seen working with Holton.

"Right now, we are looking as few as six, as many as ten people we think are connected with Mr. Holton, whether they may have willingly assisted him with some of his crimes and others who may have unwittingly helped him," said Capt. D.S. Overman of the Raleigh Police Department.

The investigation all began when a pair of golf shops were robbed of hundreds of high- dollar clubs. Investigators made a pair of arrests last week. Most recently, they raided an apartment unit and a storage shed at the Dutch Village Apartments on the Raleigh/Cary border.

Police say the discovery of $150,000 of golf equipment in the storage shed was more than a stroke of luck. It is just another piece of the puzzle investigators have been putting together ever since a pair of Carolina Custom Golf stores in Raleigh and Cary each lost $500,000 of merchandise in March.

"When we first discovered the crimes, the investigation led us down a road where we thought it may grow and contain crimes outside the city of Raleigh and that's proven to be true," said Capt. D.S. Overman of the Raleigh Police Department.

The first big arrests came last week when officers brought in Holton on 12 breaking and entering counts, and his girlfriend, Dana Jefferay, for a lesser set of charges.

"We expect to make some more arrests, file some additional charges on some people who have already been arrested and collect some additional properties," Overman said.

Investigators believe Holton makes up just a small part of a multi-state operation responsible for multiple thefts of golf equipment and safecracking, maybe even more.

"There may be a death involved in the case as well, so, we're working that out with another agency right now to see if it's connected. It's an intricate player within the scheme of things," Overman said.

Police would not elaborate any more on the death investigation.

They did say this organization had a structure to the point there was someone in charge with several people who answered to him.