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Designing Architecture That Gets Along

Posted November 21, 2013 2:55 p.m. EST

If there's one thing that can be safely said about modern institutional architecture, it's that major projects tend to be rather...distinctive. Museums and other public institutions along with major compaies want buildings that stand out, complement their mission, and create landmarks in addition to functional spaces. Such could be said of Frank Gehry's stunning Disney Concert Hall, which stands out in the Los Angeles landscape as not just a performance venue, but an amazing piece of modern art and architecture.

So when plans to install the New Broad Museum across the street got underway, there were some concerns about whether the end result would be two massive buildings warring for attention and clashing horribly at the same time. That's why a rather unique cooperative plan between architects, engineers, and LA contractors involved on the plan is so important: by working together, they're designing a museum that blends and complements, while still holding its own. It's a sign of progress for urban design, illustrating that it's possible to create splendid buildings while also maintaining cohesive and beautiful downtown areas.

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