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Designer creates extravagant wedding dress worth millions

Posted July 20, 2018 3:04 p.m. EDT

— Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. It's the old English rhyme we've all heard when it comes to what a bride will wear on that big day.

But what about something expensive and shiny?

One unique dress will soon be dripping diamonds along with other fancy things like sapphires and ostrich feathers.

How much would a dress of this caliber cost you may ask? Ooh just a measly $2 million!

Celeb wedding planner Donnie Brown is headlining the Dallas Bridal Show next weekend, and he's pulling out some of his best work!

"I've got a lot of brides that are looking for over the top different ideas, and I decided that we would try something totally new. We're gonna create a $2 million wedding gown," Brown said.

That's over the top alright!

"Let's hope somebody calls and says you know what my wedding is in three months I want that dress to walk down the aisle in."

Not sure who that somebody will be, but whoever it is, jaws are bound to drop!