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Democracy North Carolina

Posted March 8, 2013 12:02 p.m. EST
Updated January 12, 2015 12:41 p.m. EST

As they describe themselves: Democracy North Carolina is a nonpartisan organization that uses research, organizing, and advocacy to increase voter participation, reduce the influence of big money in politics and achieve a government that is truly of the people, for the people and by the people. More here.

On the web: www.democracy-nc.org

Affiliates and brands: Democracy North Carolina mainly publishes, organizes and lobbies under its own name. 

Network*: Z. Smith Reynolds

Funding: Democracy NC reported raising $850,674 in 2011. Of that, Z. Smith Reynolds provided $380,000 for general operating support, according to the foundation's IRS 990.

IRS 990: Democracy North Carolina 2013 IRS 990

State Information: Click here for more information from the N.C. Secretary of State's office.

Lobbyist: Democracy NC Director Bob Hall is a registered lobbyist.

Media Profile: Hall has insisted that Democracy NC is a nonpartisan organization, deflecting suggestions that the group has a liberal bent by pointing to elections complaints it filed against Democrats such as former House Speaker Jim Black. However, the group has vigorously argued against Voter ID laws, lining up with Democratic allies on the issue, and many of its staff members have a background with liberal leaning groups. The organizations reports on fundraising by elected officials are frequently cited by media sources and Hall is often quoted as an expert source on elections and election law. 


* Many of the public policy think tanks and advocacy groups active in North Carolina fall into one of two camps: A liberal circuit with ties to the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and a conservative circuit with ties to the John William Pope Foundation. For more, click here.