Deer convention

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Have you ever gotten a little too close to animals on your way to work?

I had two very close encounters with a pair of deer families while traveling this morning from my home to WRAL. I think the deer are having a convention outside the La Quinta in Cary. One charging buck missed my windshield by just a few inches. Someone commented on Facebook that my reflexes might be improved due to the 100 Days of Fitness campaign. I don't know, but I am extremely grateful I'm not headed to the body shop today. Of course, you’ve got to feel some sympathy for the deer and other animals. They’ve lost a lot of habitat with rapid growth.

One of the great things about working mornings at WRAL is you don't have to fight the traffic. But sometimes you battle the animals. Did I ever tell you about my showdown with a large beaver on Tryon Road while driving to work 14 years ago? That furry rascal did $1,500 to our new Ford Windstar. I was late for work and became the butt of newsroom jokes. My brother-in-law even took a photograph of the bloated beaver by the roadside and framed it for me.

Years ago, when I had Scott Mason’s lucky job as Tar Traveler, I interviewed Billy Eubanks on his massive muscle car collection off Highway 64 near Pittsboro. Billy paid for his hobby by repairing hundreds of cars involved in deer crashes near Jordan Lake.

Maybe it was the warmer weather this morning that had the deer roaming around a little more than usual. I don't know, but I'm going to try to be extra alert tomorrow. As for what the deer are discussing at their Cary convention this year, I welcome your comments. One topic might be Beige Grazing.

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