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Dead rodent, maggots found in Gilbert woman's car

Posted December 13, 2017 1:07 p.m. EST

— A nasty odor and maggots led a car owner to discover an unwanted passenger: a dead mouse.

For over a week, Judi Miller noticed a gross smell inside her car which she couldn't figure out because she keeps her nearly brand-new car clean.

She brought the car to Desert Car Care Center of Chandler where the techs began to search for what was causing the smell.

Frank Leutz says they left no stone unturned.

"Ended up pulling up seats, the plastic from the pillars," Leutz said.

They did discover a rodent nest in a cabin filter, so that was replaced and the car was cleaned.

However, the smell came right back and then Miller made a nasty discovery with maggots coming out of the glove compartment. The way she described the smell was, well, gross.

"It's like a dirty diaper that's been sitting and festering for months. It was just the most disgusting thing," Miller said.

Desert Car Care Center of Chandler went searching again but with the help of the maggots, they had an idea of where to look.

Buried deep inside the dashboard they were able to find the dead rodent with the help of a camera. Now, they have to figure out how to get it out without having to rip the entire dash out.

Desert Car Care said it had never seen a case like this before.

Also, to help prevent something like this, make sure you keep your windows up if you're parked in your garage or anywhere in general.