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Authorities suspect dead bald eagle found in Chatham County was shot

Posted February 7, 2017 12:16 p.m. EST
Updated July 12, 2018 2:13 p.m. EDT

— A state trooper found a dead bald eagle Monday in Chatham County with two holes in its head. The game warden said it appears the bird had been shot.

He brought the eagle to the Asheboro Zoo for further examination, and the veterinarian said because no bullet could be found, it was likely an enter and exit wound.

Claude Smith, the game warden said he hopes someone will step forward with information on what happened to the bald eagle. The bald eagle is a protected species, and it is a federal crime to kill the bird.

"It was right here in this area, right here in the ditch," Smith said. "The veterinarian x-rayed and examined it, and it was confirmed that it was a gun shot wound."

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is working with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service on the investigation. If you have any information on the incident, call 855-WIL-DTIP, which is 855-945-3847.