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David Crabtree gets a flu shot on live TV

WRAL's Dr. Allen Mask gave a flu shot to WRAL Evening News anchor David Crabtree on Thursday.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — People have different reasons for not getting a season flu vaccine, but there are more reasons they should get one.

The most common type of flu shot is the Trivalent vaccine, which covers three strains of the flu. The Quadrivalent vaccine covers four strains, but there’s not much of it made and it’s intended for immuno-compromised individuals.

The Center for Disease Control says that everybody who is six months and older should get the flu vaccine, unless they have specific vaccine related allergies, like an egg allergy.

There are several options for people looking to get their flu shot this year. In addition to the standard dose Trivalent shot, there is a higher dose form that is approved for people ages 65 and older. Many people, especially children, prefer the nasal spray vaccine, which is approved for people ages two through 49.


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