Dave Chappelle photobombs engagement shoot

Posted November 13, 2018 10:29 a.m. EST

— It was all love when Dave Chappelle hopped in on an Ohio couple's engagement photos.

Tommy Saunders and Emily Eldridge were enjoying a photo shoot in Yellow Springs, Ohio, when the funnyman showed up.

Jaycee Brammer, owner of Jaycee Marie Photography, captured the images and shared them on her Facebook page.

"So, I was shooting this engagement session at a brewery tonight and this dude photobombed us... idk, you may have heard of him," she wrote. "Dave something?? LOL NO FOR REAL GUYS! THE Dave Chappelle photobombed our shoot.

"I'm going to have to quit photography now because how will I ever beat this?" she added. "I just can't."

According to the photographer, Chappelle, who lives in the area, was "so nice and truly made our day."

Brammer told Yahoo the comedian initially declined taking a photo with the couple until he started chatting with Saunders about the future groom's military service.

"I followed in my dad's footsteps; he's a 26-year Air Force veteran; he retired in 2005," said Saunders who has been in the Air Force since 2010.

Chappelle then announced he would photobomb the couple, an act that made even him laugh.

"After that we were all pretty much shocked and couldn't believe what just happened," Brammer said. "We reviewed the photos, and I walked over to show Dave. He laughed and said, 'We're gonna go viral, man.' "

Chappelle was right.