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Dallas County Judge Offers To Help Feds Take Care Of Immigrant Children

Posted June 15, 2018 1:37 p.m. EDT

— People in Dallas joined other cities Thursday evening protesting the separation of immigrant children from their parents by the Trump Administration.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins attended the rally, announcing he's offered to help the federal government care for those children.

Jenkins says he still doesn't know if the feds will take him up on his offer.

"We can pool the capacity of the people of Dallas," said Jenkins.

The judge says those kids would be better cared for in Dallas, than a Walmart turned detention center near Brownsville called Casa Padre.

More than 1,400 immigrants boys are now living there.

Jenkins added that federal dollars would pay to house children in Dallas, like they were a few years ago when immigrant children were

"The great thing about living where there's millions of people is there are a lot of facilities to look at and there are a lot of people to help," said Jenkins.