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Dad's View: Rock, rap, oldies and pop ... from Pop

With Father's Day now come and gone, I realize that one of the finer things my dad taught me was a love of music.

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Jay Hardy
Jay Hardy

My office at work allows me to listen to music … and to turn it up! On any given day, at any given time, when not editing video for my company, I’m listening to tunes. You could hear country music on Monday, pop on Tuesday, R&B on Wednesday, classic rock on Thursday, and rap on Friday.

With Father’s Day now come and gone, I realize that one of the finer things my dad taught me was a love of music. Whether on the way to drop off trash at the garbage dump in my hometown, or on the way to the barber shop growing up, he had “oldies” on. His music will last forever. And it will. The Temptations, James Brown, The Four Tops, The Righteous Brothers, Elvis, The Supremes, and many more artists filtered in and out of my ears during trips in his Chevy Silverado.

This morning, as I write this, I’m listening to something that' he'd never listen to, though I bet that he could appreciate the beat and rhythm. It’s a song that I actually used to mop the Piggly Wiggly floors to while working part-time as a teenager. The song reminded me of the past and of the things I’ll appreciate from my youth.

My dad touched me in many ways, but one that I’ll remember is through music. He never played an instrument. Neither did I, other than the triangle in elementary school. (And I was good at it too!). Dad’s father may have instilled the same love of music in him. My grandfather played the harmonica and apparently, played it well.

So if you walk by my office and hear melodic tunes or beats that maybe you don’t like or tap your foot to a tune you know, realize that my appreciation for music goes way back. From Martha and the Vandellas to The Four Seasons, to Boys II Men, to Eminem, and more, my tastes vary.

My ear for music came from my very own Dick Clark, or today’s equivalent of Ryan Secreast, also know as, my Dad. Keep the tunes rolling Kirb, and thanks!

Jay Hardy is the father of a grade schooler and a toddler in Holly Springs. He's a former sports photographer and reporter for WRAL-TV. Find him here once a month on Wednesdays.


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