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Cyndi Lauper addresses HB2 prior to Raleigh concert

Posted June 4, 2016 10:13 p.m. EDT
Updated June 5, 2016 10:15 a.m. EDT

— Cyndi Lauper came to Raleigh to deliver a great performance for her fans, but she also stopped in the Oak City to address House Bill 2.

“I was just surprised that you’d want to go back to that kind of law that would promote that much discrimination,” Lauper said.

Lauper is no stranger to the LGBT community, as she’s been considered an ally for many years.

“That’s why I came here, I’m not here to preach ideology,” Lauper said. I’m here to have people understand what the law really is. And you have to understand what transgender really is.”

She met with a dozen LGBT youth in Raleigh before her performance on Saturday.

“She really took the opportunity less than just speaking to us to really listen to what we had to say and absorb our perspective on it," Jenaye Gaudreau said. “It’s [House Bill 2] definitely brought a lot of exposure and hostility in a very dangerous way to my trans friends. But a lot of the danger with HB2 is that that statute can be struck down while others stand, and there are other harmful statutes to the law.”

Lauper said the conversation fortified her desire to see HB2 repealed.

“By being the bigger person and saying there are people here who still need me, and making sure those people are still donated to and talked to about the issues going on here, I think that’s very honorable, and it takes a lot of strength,” she said.

Supporters of HB2 have urged Gov. Pat McCrory to stand his ground, expressing concern for the privacy and safety of women and children.

Lauper said she too is concerned for families.

“I’ll bet that in every family, if you really look closely to your whole entire family, there might be someone who you love who is different, who needs your understanding,” Lauper said.

All the proceeds of Lauper's show will go to Equality NC.