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Custom Carpentry to Make Your Backyard Say "Summer"

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There are at least 3 great things that we can think of about summertime. 1. It's summer. 2. You can spend the whole day out in your garden without freezing your nose off. 3. There are all kinds of fun wooden furniture pieces and other installations which simply and inexpensively add a very special seasonal (read: relaxing) touch to your backyard. Here are 6 ideas that we especially love.
Potting Shed
Every backyard that belongs to a gardener, whether an old hand or a newbie, needs a potting shed. A shed is a handy spot to store landscaping tools and supplies. But even more than that, it's somewhere to shelter tender seedlings, gather the harvest of fruits and vegetables, plot and plan your garden's progress, and save precious seeds for the next growing season. This welcoming potting shed is as roomy and well-built as the sturdiest tiny house, and you may easily end up treating it as a home away from home.
Garden Swing
Long lazy summer afternoons just naturally seem to go together with a comfy, cozy swing. Sit yourself down and curl up with that lighthearted paperback you've been longing to read … or take a little time out for some soul-restoring daydreaming. Here is a charming example of the traditional wooden garden swing, with the added fillip of an amusingly sculpted carpentry detail -- a fishbone.
Adirondack Chair Conversation Corner
Nothing whispers, "Relax, you're on vacation" like a classic handcrafted pine Adirondack chair -- unless maybe it's four of them, all comfortably arranged in a quiet corner of your yard. This handsome garden grouping just naturally invites conversation about those important issues like love, life, literature, and what to barbecue for dinner tonight.
Tree House
Who says tree houses are only for kids? Not us, that's for sure. Let loose your inner sense of fun with a double decker hideout that both children and so-called adults are bound to enjoy. Your practical grownup side will appreciate the fact that this custom woodwork structure acts as the perfect shelter from the burning rays of the midday sun, while still allowing you to be outside surrounded by beautiful green branches.
Picnic Table
If, upon giving the matter much thought, you have come to the carefully considered decision that you would like to spend the rest of the summer living in your garden, you're going to need a convenient place to sit and have meals. But that's not really a problem -- you can cook all your food on the patio fire pit and then eat it at this striking, sustainable redwood picnic table.
Chaise Longue
After you've put in many a long hour chilling and grilling in your backyard, you're bound to need a little snooze. Stretch your weary bones out on this ultimate symbol of summer leisure, an inviting chaise longue. Constructed of attractive teakwood, it's covered with netting to keep the skeeters at bay, and is even spacious enough for a friend to join you. Sweet dreams!
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