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Crafty Mom: Make a 'Mom Tree' for Mother's Day

Here's a Mother's Day gift that even the least crafty among us can complete with their kids.

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Mother's Day craft
Erin James

Mother’s Day is such an important day. I want crafts that are made with love for me from my children. But I don't want to be the one making the crafts.

This Mother’s Day, my children did two crafts with the help of my husband (and some direction from me). The first was so straightforward, I barely gave instructions.

I just bought wooden block cut outs and had them use color pencils to draw on them. I asked them to draw something that means something to them.

For the next craft, I had them make a Mom Tree. I told my husband how to make it. I think they did a great job.

Here’s a list of materials:

Green pipe cleaners

Brown pipe cleaners

Wooden rods (I found some at Michaels).

Wooden hearts or something to glue the photos onto. Any shape would work.

A small planter pot

Sand, dirt or rocks

First take a wooden rod and wrap the brown pipe cleaners around the rod so that it is fully covered. Then wrap the green pipe cleaners around the top so that they are tight around the top but stick out, making branches.

I found wooden hearts at Michaels as well. The kids and my husband glued pictures on the hearts and then glued the hearts to the ends of the branches.

Then they placed the tree inside a small planting pot and filled it with dirt. You can use sand, rocks or anything that would hold the tree in place.

Here’s a poem that I wrote to help dads out a little. Feel free to use it or have your children write their own. This is also a great gift for Grandma as well.

Dear Mom,
For Mothers Day, I made you this tree,
I wrapped the pieces around it, just like you wrap you’re arms around me.
The branches are like the extensions of your love so true,
The sturdy trunk will not fall, always strong just like you.
We hung pictures of us on it so you’ll be able to know,
How we thrive so much off of the love you grow,
From the moment you became our Mom,
Just like the seed that grows a tree that love grew on,
Your devotion is the leaves, making beautiful the tree,
Your heart is the root of all that we’ve come to be.
This tree is here because of the family your dedication creates,
Discipline, dignity and sacrifice all are amongst your traits.
Thank you Mom, for teaching us, loving us, and helping us grow up with so much wonder,
Each a part of a family tree from which we all find shelter under.

What has been your favorite Mother's Day gift? Do you like a day of pampering or a gift homemade from the heart?

Erin is the Triangle mom of three and blogger on WhattoExpect.com and CBN.com. She has a regular craft night with her kids each week and is sharing a couple of crafts each month here on Go Ask Mom.

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