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Crafting (Har!) the Perfect Craft Room

Posted February 4, 2013 4:35 p.m. EST

For a lot of us, a craft room is a luxury. For the dedicated crafters, it is a necessity. Lest the craft room seem out of reach for everyone with limited space, I'd like to share some pretty crafty craft room ideas posted by DIY bloggers. These are not the craft rooms of the 1%. These are real DIY craft rooms, and you could make one yourself. If you don't have an actual extra room, there are plenty of spaces where you could stick a compact crafting table or desk, as well as some wall storage. Attics, basements, hallways, alcoves, and closets are all fair game. Pick a corner of your house to dedicate as a crafting space, and follow the lead of these clever and talented DIY bloggers.

Thrift Diving's Thrifted Craft Room: Thrift Diving's craft area is inside her home office (proving that you only need to carve out part of a room; a whole room for crafting is not necessary). Using only thrift store furniture and some paint, she transformed a pretty dreary home office into a shared home office and craft room with plenty of storage room. Thrifty Diving is a super example of creating a craft room on the cheap.

Pine Street Carpenters' Client's Craft Room: This craft room is on the higher end, but an enterprising DIY-er with the ability to haul cabinetry home from her local architectural salvage store or IKEA could build it for less. The West Chester carpenters built custom cabinetry and shelving into a spare room. Remember: Built-ins don't have to be super expensive, nor do they have to involve remodeling contractors! You can build them yourself, or you can use inexpensive prefabricated models.

Crafty Texas Girls' Organized Craft Room: How much of a difference can one great piece of storage furniture make? Although it's not the only change that Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls made to her craft room, it was the one with the most impact.

Emily's Craft Area Organization: Emily from Namely Original transformed a seriously cluttered basement to an organized crafting area. There are no costly built-ins; just well-arranged old tables and basic wall storage, including peg boards. This is an inspiring crafting area, created with a minimal expenditure of money.

Have fun crafting, and be sure to post photos of your craft rooms on Hometalk!

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