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Couple loses stuff in storage company mix-up

Posted November 5, 2012 5:25 p.m. EST
Updated November 5, 2012 6:24 p.m. EST

Smartbox is one of several portable storage companies in the Triangle area.

Matt and Heather Wrenn needed to make their home appear more spacious as they tried to sell it. So, they grabbed some boxes and began packing some of their belongings.

“As you can see, we just kind of staged the house to make it be as roomy as possible," Matt Wrenn said, showing his home to a visitor.

In July, the Wrenns rented two containers from Smartbox. The company delivers portable containers for customers to fill, then moves the containers into a warehouse for storage.

“Pretty much got all of our furniture out except for some living room stuff and TV,” Heather Wrenn said. “Because can't live without our TV.”

Everything seemed fine until September, when they tried to get some things out of their boxes.

“They didn't have our boxes when we got there,” Matt Wrenn said. “They told us to come back another day. We obliged and came back another day – no boxes still."

The Wrenns say they called countless times over the next month, but Smartbox could not find their units.

“I would lay awake at night sometimes just thinking of what I could say to make this process go any faster, have my boxes be found,” Heather Wrenn said.

They even gave the manager the keys to their units to help find them. Still, no luck.

The frustration built.

"Where is my stuff? Why can't you find it? What are you doing to look for our boxes? Are you looking for our boxes?" Wrenn said.

The couple finally emailed 5 On Your Side, and we called Smartbox.

Owner John Coor assured us three employees were on the hunt. The next day - a month after the search started – the couple got the call. The crew found their boxes.

"Oh, I was elated,” Heather Wrenn said.

She said Smartbox told her the boxes were misplaced in a long-term storage section.

“You guys are great,” Matt Wrenn told 5 On Your Side. “One day of phone calls from you guys, and the next day our boxes are delivered."

The units were delivered to the Wrenns that same day – just in time for the family to move into their new home.