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Couple honored for longest marriage in state

Posted February 22, 2018 2:20 p.m. EST

— Two couples in our area are being honored by Governor Asa Hutchinson along with eight other couples around the state for their commitment to each other.

"To see them hold hands and talk about their life, their marriage and commitment, it should be inspiring to every young couple that`s out there," Governor Hutchinson said.

Thell and Margie Ellison from Natural Dam went to the capital for a ceremony and presentation from the Governor for being one of the top ten couples in the state who have been married longer than most. They have been married for 76 years.

"It was just a real thing," Margie said. "We had no other thought rather than just making a goal of it, we just tried to do what we thought was right and we was very devoted in our church and our religion."

Neyron and Anna Mae Edwards from Alma have been married 75 years and said there's no special trick to making a marriage work, but instead, finding someone who you're completely compatible with.

"Our marriage was one of just worked," Neyron said. "There was no ups and down. Everything was up and always has been. It doesn't feel any different. Feel just like it did yesterday."

Anna Mae said while Neyron was in the Air Force and deployed for World War II, she wrote him letters every day. Neyron wrote one back every single time.

The couple said it's those little things that have filled the more than seven decades they've had together with love.

"It`s just always been good," Anna Mae said. "Really, it has."

"We`ve had our hard times and sad times and we`ve had a lot of good times," Margie said. "We`re still having good times."

The Governor presented all ten couples with framed letters along with blankets with their names embroidered on them along with flowers for the wives.

The top couple is I.B. and Ima Jewel Williams of Biscoe who have been married for 80 years.