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Couple folds American flag ripped from pole

Posted June 12, 2018 12:29 p.m. EDT

— A moving story in downtown Mobile has gone viral after a patriotic act of kindness was caught on camera. It all began though, with the opposite of kindness.

In the same surveillance video, a man rips down an American flag in front of a home on Dauphin Street, trampling it and leaving it on the sidewalk. Minutes later, a couple finds the flag and does something so touching, the homeowner had to share it.

Margaret Dopson tells FOX10 News, she's used to picking her American flag up on the sidewalk or finding it gone. That's one reason she installed her surveillance cameras. Time and time again, those cameras have caught people disrespecting the flag that stands in front of Dopson's home, overlooking Dauphin Street. She says it breaks her heart every time.

And around 2:00 Sunday morning, was no different. Without hesitation, a man dressed up as a pirate rips down the flag, and stomps on it as he walks away.

But after years of catching the bad, those cameras caught the good.

Five minutes later...a glimpse of hope, and respect. The crumpled flag caught a couple's eye. Together, they pick up the flag, fold it, and put it on Dopson's doorstep. A heart warming moment, and a true sign of patriotism.

Dopson says she's constantly having to replace the flag. It's been ripped down four times and been covered in cigarette burns. So when she found it on her doorstep folded up, she knew she had to watch the video. And when she did, she was moved to tears by the couple's good deed.

And folks around town who we showed the video to, felt the same.

"It's good to see people who respect it enough to take the time to stop, and fold it, and put it back where it's supposed to be so it can be put back up," said Jordan Feathers, a visitor from Oxford, AL.

"It is touching, and moving, inspirational...we still have hope," said Georgia Pryor from Gulfport, MS.

Dopson is hoping one day she can meet that couple to thank them. She says she will never stop replacing the flag as long as she lives there.