Woman receives negative coronavirus test despite never being tested at Cary site

Posted November 25, 2020 2:47 p.m. EST
Updated November 25, 2020 8:19 p.m. EST

— With the rush to get COVID tests before Thanksgiving, some people have found themselves in long lines, and at least at one Cary testing site, in the midst of some chaos and confusion, a woman who was never tested was sent a negative result.

On Saturday, so many people showed up to the testing site in Cary that police had to be called.

One woman who showed up was frustrated by the chaos, and never got tested. Yet, she received this negative result which she said prompted her to wonder how anyone can trust test results from this facility.

When Anna and James Bonner arrived at Wake Toxicology in Cary on Saturday to get coronavirus tests, they were second in line, but it became extremely busy.

“Other people started arriving pretty quickly, not just in cars, but on foot,” recounted James Bonner. “Forming lines, and not forming lines, and coming up in a disorganized way around him [the one technician on duty] asking him questions.”

The couple turned in their paperwork, James was tested, but they never came back to test Anna.

At that point the couple felt unsafe.

“The guys were handing forms back and forth, touching things, not changing gloves,” said James Bonner.

Cary police were eventually called to help control the crowd, but the couple left before that happened.

A day later, James received an email with his negative result. However, so did Anna, even though she was never tested.

Anna Bonner tried to reach Wake Toxicology and got nowhere—she ended up lodging a complaint with the county and letting her neighbors know about the situation through a post on the social networking site for neighborhoods, Nextdoor.

The owner of Wake Toxicology said they were not prepared for the crowd they experienced. He added that "this has been overwhelming to us. We are a small business, we didn't have enough people. We tried our best."

Wake Toxicology will no longer be conducting COVID tests at their Cary site. Instead, they will be doing it at their Durham location on Thanksgiving weekend.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services said the testing site was not a state sponsored event, but that all testing sites listed on the DHHS website are federally certified.

NCDHHS officials said they were disappointed to hear about the chaos at the testing sight and encouraged Anna Bonner to make an official complaint to the state division of Health Services and Regulation.

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