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State Farmers Market open, but should you go?

Posted April 3, 2020 4:54 p.m. EDT
Updated April 4, 2020 8:10 a.m. EDT

— The State Farmers Market in Raleigh still is open, and warm weather this weekend likely will lure people out of the house to do some shopping.

The N.C. Department of Agriculture is concerned that people will not abide by social distancing guidelines.

"Shopping needs to be treated as an essential activity and not a social one," Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in a statement Thursday.

Officials are reminding shoppers to maintain a six-food distance between each other. They also recommend the following ideas for people who want to go to farmers markets:

  • Pick one person in the family to be the shopper. Don't bring the whole crowd.
  • Try to avoid the market on the weekend. Consider going during the week, when fewer people are shopping.
  • Bring a list, get what you need, and don't hang out.
  • Also, some vendors are offering curbside service.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 is a food-borne illness, but the virus might survive on the outside of fruits and vegetables. Once you get home, the CDC says you should rinse produce under running water before eating it. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before preparing and eating food. Also, cooking vegetables will destroy the virus.

While most venders at the State Farmers Market are open, some facilities are closed, including the State Farmers Market Restaurant, the N.C. Seafood Restaurant and Market Imports.

Other state-operated farmers markets in Colfax, Asheville and Charlotte also are open.

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