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Seniors who can't leave home for vaccine worry about availability

Posted January 15, 2021 11:17 p.m. EST
Updated January 15, 2021 11:18 p.m. EST

All week long we’ve seen seniors roll up their sleeves and get the coronavirus vaccine shot.

But what about those seniors you can’t see?

“We would not be able to stay in line like some people on TV,” said a 79-year-old senior who asked to only be identified as Olivia.

She’s seen the images long car lines for the COVID-19 vaccine. Olivia and her 85-year-old husband have chronic illnesses and they can seldom leave the house.

They’re part of a number of seniors that will need help getting to a vaccination site.

Kristen Brannock, president of Resources for Seniors, says there are three types of seniors in Wake County.

One group of seniors can sign up for the vaccination with no help, the second group will need some assistance, and the third group will need a hands-on approach including transportation.

“The challenges for seniors that are saying, ‘I will need a ride to get there, [I] may need an appointment with the same time as a neighbor who is willing to take [me].’ I’m hoping there can be some coordination with the vaccination sites.”

Coordination, rides to vaccine sites, and identifying those home-bound will be essential.

“There is a conversation on how to meet the need of all three groups,” Brannock said.

Brannock says Wake County is supposed to put out more details on Jan. 19 on how to help seniors who need more assistance.

“I would really like to have it, it’s an added way to protect us [but] I’m very cautious about getting out,” Olivia said.

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