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Raleigh nonprofit gives 1,000 beds to children in need

Posted October 26, 2020 5:05 p.m. EDT
Updated October 26, 2020 7:07 p.m. EDT

— A Raleigh nonprofit has provided 1,000 children's beds to families hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

As the economic impact of the pandemic continues to impact thousands, this organization is working to cover the basic needs.

Roughly 6,000 children in Wake County are either sleeping on the floor or sharing crowded beds with others. Since March, The Green Chair Project has worked to change that one delivery at a time.

“We have seen kids jump and down as our truck pulls up to their house. We’ve seen mothers and fathers burst into tears," said Executive Director Jackie Craig.

This non-profit has spent a decade reshaping the lives of those in need, furnishing homes and providing critical resources to those rebuilding after hardship.

"We have just seen the need skyrocket in Wake County. I think families who were already living in poverty in Wake County have been hit very hard with job loss or health crisis, homelessness," added Craig.

That’s over 38,000 households disproportionately impacted from the pandemic. And for The Green Chair Project, giving a child a good night’s sleep became top priority for their health and well-being.

“Because the kids aren’t in school, they’ve really lost the community connection. Many times these needs are easily seen by a teacher or social worker, but with the children being at home they aren’t as able to get those necessary supplies right in the hands of those who need them the most."

To bridge the gap, they’ve partnered with nine other non-profits to identify and provide these vital resources through delivery services. So far, since March they have delivered over 1,000 brand new cribs and beds, along with household supplies, meals and more.

“We won’t stop with the thousandth bed, that we’re delivering. We’ll keep going and the need is greater than ever," said Craig.

This work is all made possible with the generous support of community donations. Craig hopes the support continues to meet the needs of all 6,000 children. “To be able to do something like provide a bed for a child, it’s such a heart warming moment, In the midst of such distress. “

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