NC Coronavirus: Maps, graphs and data

As cases of COVID-19, the illness associated with the new coronavirus, spread across North Carolina and the world, WRAL News is providing interactive maps, graphs and data to help explain the spread of this disease, now classified as a pandemic. Click here for the latest coronavirus coverage from WRAL's news archive.

Notice our numbers are larger than other sources? Here's why.

Tracking the coronavirus curve in NC

New laboratory confirmed cases and deaths are based on daily reporting from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services via the agency's COVID-19 dashboard. The dashboard started publishing case counts on March 13 and death counts on March 26. Because these case and death numbers can lag slightly based on the time it takes labs to process tests and health officials to confirm cases, we're also calculating a seven-day rolling average to show the curve of cases.

Source: N.C. DHHS
Graphic: Tyler Dukes, WRAL

New COVID-19 cases by county

The curves below, showing a 7-day rolling average of reported new cases in each county, use data collected from state health officials by Johns Hopkins University's Coronavirus Resource Center. The counties are sorted by the largest total of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases, and the top-20 counties are shown by default. Vertical axes are scaled by default based on the largest number of new cases. Select the variable axis setting to scale each county's cases individually to see their respective spikes. Enter a county below to highlight it for comparison.

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE
Graphic: Tyler Dukes, WRAL // Get the data


Coronavirus testing in NC

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services started releasing the total number of patients tested, including those conducted by private labs and public health departments, on March 18. This figure only reflects labs that are reporting to local and state health officials. DHHS doesn't publish raw numbers detailing daily negative and positive tests from labs reporting both of these figures - just percentages. So WRAL is calculating the percentage of positive tests here cumulatively, instead of day over day, to avoid any potential skew of daily figures by either a lag in the reported number of positive/negative cases or a surge in positive cases from labs that don't report both positive and negative results.

Source: N.C. DHHS
Graphic: Tyler Dukes, WRAL

Total NC coronavirus cases, deaths, hospitalizations

Reporters at WRAL News are tracking real-time updates of the latest cumulative totals of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths across North Carolina. The number of patients currently hospitalized are reported daily by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services every morning and are a reflection of a daily survey of hospitals. Because the response rate of that survey varies day to day, we're showing a rolling 7-day average of hospitalizations calculated since the state began reporting numbers consistently on March 24.

Source: DHHS, county health departments
Graphic: Tyler Dukes, WRAL

NC coronavirus cases, deaths by zip code

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The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services began releasing zip code-level data on cases and deaths on May 1. Search by zip code to find the rates of cases and deaths for your area. Aggregate counts are based on where patients live. DHHS has supressed counts for some zip codes with populations of less than 500 and cases less than five due to privacy concerns. Population estimates for each zip code, included in the state's data, were calculated by Esri Inc. through a state contract. Due to differences in zip code geographies used in a new version of the state's dashboard launched May 20, some case and deaths counts here may differ slightly from that new dashboard. To stay consistent, WRAL is using state data originally published May 1 and updated by DHHS daily through its ArcGIS site.

Source: N.C. DHHS // Updated: Aug. 6
Graphic: Tyler Dukes, WRAL // Get the data

Coronavirus cases in North Carolina by county

This North Carolina map of COVID-19 cases is updated around-the-clock by the WRAL newsroom as we receive information from state and county health officials on new positive tests for the coronavirus. Click on or hover over any highlighted county in the map to see details of the cases in that county. Darker shaded counties have the highest number of cases.

Source: N.C. DHHS, local health departments
Graphic: Alex Phillips, WRAL

COVID-19 outbreaks in NC long-term care facilities

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The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services started releasing locations of ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks in so-called congregate living settings, like nursing homes, adult homes and group homes, on April 27. The health agency defines an outbreak as two or more lab-confirmed cases in patients who weren't diagnosed with the disease before arriving at the facility. DHHS plans to update the data every Tuesday and Friday. Entries marked "**" indicate ongoing investigations by DHHS.

Source: N.C. DHHS // Updated: Aug. 4

Tracking the coronavirus curve in the U.S.

Data collected and updated daily by the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center shows both new cases and a seven-day rolling average in the U.S. since Feb. 24, when the country broke about 100 total cases.

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE
Graphic: Tyler Dukes & Alex Phillips, WRAL

New unemployment claims in NC

On March 18, the N.C. Division of Employment Security began sporadically releasing details on the number of cumulative unemployment claims filed since March 16, most of them triggered by layoffs related to the novel coronavirus. See how those numbers compare to cumulative new claims filed during a similar time period in 2019 and the 2009 recession, acccording to data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Source: N.C. DES, U.S. Department of Labor
Graphic: Tyler Dukes, WRAL

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