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"I feel like it's broken:" Third grader confused, frustrated logging into 10 different virtual learning apps daily

A third grader shares her frustration and confusion with virtual learning as she walks Monica Laliberte through the 10 different apps she must login just to get through school each day.

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Monica Laliberte
, WRAL executive producer/5 On Your Side reporter
CLINTON, N.C. — Even for the most tech-savvy parent or student, the online learning system in some school systems can be tricky to manage – especially with multiple logins, multiple apps and balancing multiple children in multiple grades.

One third grader, who is learning through a virtual academy in Clinton, North Carolina, is frustrated and confused by the complexity of her online learning system. She logs into ten different apps just to get through to school each day.

Her mom told 5 On Your Side’s Monica Laliberte that it’s chaos.

Parents from all over the state have talked about their struggles with school in 2020. While some say it was just rough at the start, 8-year-old Gia Steele is still struggling, even several weeks into the school year.

She describes her online classes as a puzzle that just won’t fit together.

"I feel like it’s broken," she said.

Gia’s a virtual student at Sunset Avenue Elementary.

"Why are there so many programs that she has to use to accomplish a day’s work?" asked her mom, Jameikka Steele.

She said Gia needs passwords to log into multiple apps, including Google Classroom, Readworks, Quizizz, Brain pop, i-Ready and Epic.

Steele said one app, called Calvert, suddenly erased Gia's completed assignments.

"It’s like, when you get done with something, all your work is destroyed," said Gia.

"I’m just frustrated that my child has to go through all of this," said Steele. "It’s de-motivating and it’s stressful, and I can see the stress in her face."

Steele believes there must be some way to simplify virtual learning – to allow access to all materials with the click of one button.

WRAL's 5 On Your Side reached out to Clinton City Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Wesley Johnson who said after receiving feedback, they’re making changes.

Johnson said, "All district-supported applications are now linked and are single sign-on."

According to Johnson, Calvert has been replaced.

"With anything new there may be a level of frustration," said Johnson.

"At first, I thought the computer was trying to tease me," said Gia.

After a frustrating start, the Steeles look forward to fewer apps, clicks and logins to get back to learning.


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