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How stores are working through cleaning supply shortages to re-open

Posted May 4, 2020 2:37 p.m. EDT
Updated May 4, 2020 6:55 p.m. EDT

— With reopening on everyone's minds, what are businesses planning for after the outbreak?

One big question: How can owners reopen while keeping their stores clean and staff and customers safe, especially when there's shortage of cleaning supplies?

Although Burke Brothers Hardware is a smaller store, it does go through a significant amount of gloves and wipes every week.

They’ve been finding creative ways to keep their store stocked.

"We'll go through about the equivalent of a gallon of bleach a week," said Jeff Hastings, the owner of the store, adding that Lysol and disinfectant wipes have also been heavily used.

Currently, Burke Brothers goes through 200 gloves and up to 70 masks a week for employees and staff. To make sure they have enough supplies, they’ve been dipping into their own merchandise.

“When something comes in and we get like eight or 10 cases of Clorox, we’ll hold out a bottle or two and put it in the office to make sure we have it to keep our store clean," Hastings said.

While some customers are used to the current regulations, they insist on a higher level of cleanliness moving forward.

“I think you’re not going to see it go away, and a lot of people are going to be expecting when you walk in to have hand cleaner and sanitizer. I think that will continue too,” Peter VanGraafeiland said.

Current staff is required to wear masks, wipe down counters and wash hands every 30 minutes, and they’re only allowing 25 customers at a time.

“Until we know more, I think that’s all we can do, and I hope they continue that,” a customer named Carol said.

At Burke Brothers, staff will continue with regulations and adjust as they go along. If they have to, they will offer curbside pick-up moving forward.

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