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Homemade with love: Employee at RDU Airport creates bag lunches for hundreds of colleagues

This weekend Southwest Airlines tweeted about an employee at RDU Airport who started creating hundreds of homemade bag lunches to greet arriving crew members, after most concession stands and restaurants have closed down. She wrote, "Stay safe, stay strong" on the bags--a reminder that even in tough times, they have each other's backs.

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Southwest Airlines tweets about act of kindness at RDU Airport
Heather Leah
, WRAL digital journalist

This weekend Southwest Airlines sent out a tweet about an act of kindness put together by an employee at RDU Airport.

She put together hundreds of homemade lunches, complete with sandwiches, chips, granola bars, fruit chews--and, best of all, a little note reminding her fellow colleagues to "stay safe and stay strong."

Southwest Airlines wrote that more airport concession stands and local restaurants have been closing down, leaving employees with less options for meals during long shifts.

Being a part of the Southwest Family means going the extra mile to take care of each other, whether that means a friendly smile, an encouraging note, or a tasty PB&J," wrote Southwest Airlines.

In times of struggle, this crew member's act of kindness reminds us how important it is to have each other's backs.

(photos by Jay H. and Eddie V)


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