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Family of 9 recovers after being infected with COVID-19 during celebration

Apocia Singleton and eight other family members tested positive for COVID-19 after a Father's Day Celebration. Children, adults and seniors alike -- no generation of her family was spared from the virus. They shared the story of their recovery.

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Aaron Thomas
, WRAL reporter

As North Carolina's total confirmed cases of COVID-19 reaches 73,000 – with 1,426 deaths and nearly 1000 hospitalizations – many families are taking precautions to keep loved ones safe from the virus. However, for one local family who said they took every possible precaution, the virus hit hard, fast, and didn't spare any generation.

Aposia Singleton and eight of her family members – her parents, sisters, brother-in-law and nephews – contracted the virus after a Father’s Day celebration.
"I’m the person who wears a mask when I go out. I sanitize. I haven’t gone to a restaurant or a bar during the process, and I work from home. So I honestly thought I would not get COVID," said Singleton.

But her father, an essential worker at a South Carolina hospital, complained of a fever and body aches during a Father's Day get-together.

Singleton got tested at a local CVS and found out she and eight other family members tested positive for COVID-19.
Singleton described her immense body aches, saying, "I did not sleep. I tossed and turned. It was a 24-hour toss and turn, and I mean you feel like there’s a bus hitting you."

The Department of Health and Human Services called each infected person everyday while in quarantine.

Singleton is thankful she and her loved ones have recovered.

"It's a testimony. It’s a blessing. I honestly don’t know how we were able to defeat it," she said.

All nine family members have recovered, and Singleton is warning others to take this virus seriously.

Singleton completed her last day of quarantine Saturday but wants to continue to stay home as a safety precaution.

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