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Durham black-owned businesses receive overwhelming support during racial equality movement

There's been a call to action across the country to support black-owned businesses in light of the recent push for change and racial equality.

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Lora Lavigne
, WRAL reporter
DURHAM, N.C. — There’s been a call to action across the country to support black-owned businesses in light of the recent push for change and racial equality.
A couple in Durham whose business has received overwhelming support from this movement is one of many benefiting from the cause.

Many people are searching for concrete action on how to move forward and make a difference with racial awareness. The owners of Bright Black Candle in Durham are witnessing a direct act of unity in the midst of it all.

“At every step, it has out-paced what we’ve expected for our demand,” said Dariel Griffen, Co-owner of Bright Black.

Griffen and his wife Tiffany are now working around the clock, shedding light in a unique way for their daughter, Elana, and generations to come.

“The racial disparities that COVID kind of exposed in the country and the systemic injustice, and now, I love the word revolution--that’s occurring, where consciousness I think is being sparked kind of globally is exactly what Bright Black is about,” said Tiffany Griffen.

More than just a candle-making company, Bright Black is about exposing the world to positive, bright, representation of blackness through its scents, labels and designs.

“What a blessing for us to just by existing and sharing our narratives, and our stories and our lived experiences to be able to spark that type of transformation to someone who’s just kind of browsing on the internet,” she added.

In the midst of turmoil nationwide, the brand is receiving a surge in sales and messages from people all over wanting to support.

“This month I decided to spend all of my money at black owned businesses or on black-owned brands. Just so, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. So that my pocketbook and my values are aligned,” said Amy Jones, a Chapel Hill resident who is supporting the movement.

Credit: Mark Maya Photography

She said she’s becoming more conscious about her part in lifting the black community up now and every single day to come.

“We appreciate the support, but we know what’s happening now, and what’s existing to create that swell of support and it’s heartbreaking,” said Dariel.

Showing a great deal of gratitude, the Griffens have called on family members to come work and help them meet their new demand of orders.


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