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Amanda Lamb: A month (or two) of somedays ...

We've all had plenty of "somedays" in the past few weeks.

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Go Ask Mom: Amanda Lamb with her girls
Amanda Lamb
, WRAL reporter

I was watching an interview with Jason Mraz the other day and he was talking about a new song he wrote during the pandemic called “A Month of Somedays.” He came up with this because during the stay-at-home mandate he said he has been doing many things he called his “somedays.” You know what I’m talking about—you walk by something in your house and you say: “Someday, when I have more time I will…” And we’ve all had plenty of time to do those “somedays” in the past few weeks.

My kids think I’ve gone a little nuts around the house, but they like the results, and I’m hoping they are learning by example that there is almost something to do if you just look around. I decided to make a list of some of the things I’ve done (besides work) during the pandemic…

1. I cleaned out the garage.

2. I gave away lots of stuff I didn’t need.

3. I got on a ladder and changed light bulbs in the recessed ceiling lights that have been burned out for a year? Two years? Three years? Not sure…

4. I cleaned beneath the burners on the gas stovetop.

5. I found tumbleweeds of dust beneath my bed, dressers and couch.

6. I moved furniture to make every room feel more spacious and comfortable.

7. I cleaned every area rugs that my dog has soiled.

8. I cleaned off the old patio beneath the house we haven’t used in years. I even got rid of the weeds growing through the cracks in the concrete.

9. I organized my closet.

10. I found my extra contacts.

11. I figured out exactly how many mattress protectors we have and what size they are. I don’t know why we have so many mattress protectors.

12. I now know what temperature the heat in the basement needs to be set on to keep from freezing or melting.

13. I set up a new printer and connected it to all my devices including my phone.

14. I separated all the good smelling candles from the bad ones and only burn the good one now. Oh, and I burn candles now, all the time.

15. I figured out how to connect all my devices to my Bluetooth speaker to play music. Now, I listen to music all the time.

16. I changed the screen protector on my phone, and I’m thinking about doing it on my iPad. Stress the word “thinking.” It looks a little dicey.

17. I started cooking — making old comfort food recipes that I remember my mom used to make like twice-baked potatoes, spicy hamburgers and sausage balls.

18. I finished a novel I have been working on called “Lies That Bind." It’s a sequel to my first work of fiction, a murder mystery, called “Dead Last” that’s set to be released May 12.

19. I created a space in the basement for my daughter to practice her dance routines and do online exercise classes.

20. I found a new trail where I can walk my dog after living in the same neighborhood for 25 years.

21. I got my dog a new harness to replace the broken one. I lost the new harness. I’m still looking for it.

22. I found all the places in my house with the best light for Zoom. Oh, and learned how to Zoom.

23. I found all the places in my house with the best back support to sit and work on my laptop.

24. I found the most comfortable places in my house to read. I read now, a lot. I’m about to finish my third book.

25. I organized my daughter’s stuff that she brought home from college and washed everything.

26. I started using spices. I say things now like: “We’re out of crushed red pepper.”

27. I found bath bombs that I didn’t know we had and started using them along with the scented candles.

28. I discovered that the treadmill in the corner in the basement does work, especially if you plug it in.

29. I figured out what to do with those stretchy bands you put around your ankles to exercise.

30. I slept more than five hours a night for more consecutive nights than I have in 20 years.

31. I talked on the phone for hours with various friends I have only texted with for years.

32. I realized that rushing all the time doesn’t make things better; often, it makes things worse.

33. I crossed everything off my calendar, and it felt good.

34. We ate dinner together as a family more nights than we probably have since my children were born.

35. I realized that time is a gift that we never have enough of. Being too busy doesn’t make you successful or happy; it just makes you busy.

My goal is to hold onto the lessons that I have learned from having a month (or two) of “somedays.” The truth is, we never know if we will get an opportunity to do the things we put off for another day. Life throws us curve balls that we can’t anticipate. Some of those things are less important than others, but the important things, the things that feed your soul like spending time with your family, re-connecting with friends, stoking your creativity, finding ways to enjoy nature, and to relax, these are moving to the top of my list permanently.

So, when we get back to normal, whatever that is, and everyone else is rushing around, you just might find me reading a book in a comfortable chair next to a lit candle with some beautiful music playing in the background, because “someday” is right now.

Amanda is the mom of two, a reporter for WRAL-TV and the author of several books including some on motherhood. Find her here on Mondays.


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