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Consul of Mexico presents working plan in Raleigh

Posted June 30, 2016 9:05 p.m. EDT


— Remedios Gomez Arnau – the Consul of Mexico – discussed Thursday her plans as head of the General Consulate in Raleigh, which covers North and South Carolina.

Arnau said Thursday that one of her more important goals will be to communicate the benefits that the Carolinas receive from the economic relationship with Mexico. She also mentioned that she will convey precise data about the contributions that Mexicans residing within the Carolinas make to the United States.

The Consul General said that about 95 percent of the agricultural workers in North Carolina are Hispanic, and the majority are Mexican. Arnau also said that Mexico is the second largest destiny for the exports for North Carolina and fifth largest for South Carolina.

Companies such as Cemex, Grumba, Bimbo, Afla and Nutex have investments in the region, the consulate will try to facilitate the establishment of new enterprises by promoting visits to Mexico and the Carolinas, Arnau said.

The Consul General said she is satisfied with the creation of the Raleigh Chapter of Global Network Mx – composed highly of Mexicans – and will back the work they do to support Mexicans on both sides of the border.

Arnau said she will ensure that the consular representation will ensure that Mexicans residing in the Carolinas will be aware of their rights and responsibilities of citizens and will facilitate their integration into the communities where they reside.