Confirm or Deny: Rebecca Miller

Posted March 11, 2018 9:34 p.m. EDT

Maureen Dowd: Like the Alma character in “Phantom Thread,” you sometimes have to put poisonous mushroom shavings in your husband’s eggs to settle him down.

Rebecca Miller: I don’t relate to that, quite.

Dowd: Like your character Greta in “Personal Velocity,” you’re rotten with ambition.

Miller:I am a little bit led by the nose by my own imagination, which I think is a little different. Stuff comes up in my head and it’s a little bit enslaving.

Dowd: You love watching reality TV with your husband.

Miller:Yes, sometimes, yes. Like “Alaskan Bush People” is an example. We used to watch “Man v. Food” in Ireland.

Dowd: You once thought a devil lived in your linen closet.

Miller:Yes. And in the basement.

Dowd: Your husband’s favorite movie is “Step Brothers.”

Miller: No. I do remember him recommending “Tin Cup” early in our courtship.

Dowd: Your husband loves your bangs even if your hairdresser doesn’t.

Miller:He does.

Dowd: You once played Kevin Spacey’s wife in a now unfortunately named film called “Consenting Adults.”

Miller:Oh my God, confirm. But you’re really reaching the bottom of the barrel there.

Dowd: You wore a midnight-blue dress at your wedding and there were only 18 guests.


Dowd: Your husband is not on the internet, doesn’t tweet or email and has no mobile phone.

Miller:He has a flip phone. He can text.

Dowd: You hate the word “brunch.”

Miller: I hate it.

Dowd: You never get lonely.

Miller:It’s not that I don’t miss people, because if I’m not with my family, I’ll miss them. But I do love my own company and I’m kind of an eternal student, so I’ve always got something I’m reading or learning about.