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Confederate monument to be relocated in DeKalb Co.

Posted May 6, 2018 12:20 p.m. EDT

— Dozens of activists chanting for change gathered at Decatur Square on Saturday calling for the removal of a Confederate monument.

"In this county, that is predominantly African American, we are living underneath the shadows of these monuments that represent our enslavement," says Ben Williams.

He says the monument makes him sick, calling it a symbol of white supremacy.

He wants it gone.

"It's no different than if this was a swastika or statue of Hitler. We just want it removed. You don't wait and debate to where something should be put you just take it down."

This issue has been a hot topic for years and now it's reaching a boiling point.

The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners addressed the possible relocation of the monument at their most recent board meeting.

Standing side-by-side with a man dressed as a Confederate soldier, Teri Lane is fighting for the monument to stay put.

"Talk about black on black crime," says Lane.

He says the monument is part of southern history like the Confederate flag on his belt buckle.

"It's heritage. If you from the south these 13 start represent the colony. What we fought for. You take down every monument, you take down our history."

Lane questions how people will know where they come from if they don't know where society has been.

DeKalb County Commissioner Jeff Rader tells CBS46 the county has decided to move the monument.

"This monument is hurtful to many people. People that remember when they were treated as second class citizens on this square," says Rader.

Though Rader says the monument will be moved off the square, he says Georgia state law prohibits it from being concealed.