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Complaints reveal: Roosters legal in Raleigh

Posted February 20, 2013 12:25 p.m. EST

— Did you know roosters are allowed within Raleigh’s city limits? No? Neither did we.

Much to the surprise of, well, everyone, at a Feb. 12 City Law and Public Safety Committee meeting, City Attorney Tom McCormick said, contrary to popular belief, there are no laws on the books that prohibit residents from owning roosters. 

Roosters came up during a conversation about expanding the current animal control ordinances. While the focus was on dangerous dogs, it prompted a brief discussion about roosters, and their trademark crow.

Councilor John Odom said he has received three complaints about roosters in his district. Councilor and Committee Chair Mary-Ann Baldwin said Councilor Thomas Crowder has also received complaints. Crowder was not at the meeting.

Assistant City Manager Daniel Howe said the city received one complaint in Boylan Heights through SeeClickFix. The city sent a community resource officer to ask the owner to do something about the noise. Howe said the city hasn’t received any more complaints.

How the issue was handled is unknown.

While roosters are still legal to keep in Raleigh, the city could take action if they are considered a public nuisance.