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Community hopes to help deer tangled up in old hammock

Posted December 22, 2017 2:03 p.m. EST

— Residents in Camino outside Placerville are in a quandary over how to help a wild deer they have dubbed "Bob Marley."

Neighbors say the tangle of cords in his antlers are reminiscent of the music legend's hair.

The deer is a frequent visitor to John Kope's backyard and he says the deer has been entangled for over two months.

He fears that "Bob" might get stuck in the thick brush or get caught up with another buck, endangering both animals because they often battle during the mating season.

Trying to approach him is dangerous because deer can get "crazy" this time if year, Kope said. A friend with a tranquilizer gun told him that using it is unwise because it's hard to estimate a safe dose during the mating season.

For now, Kope is warning foothills residents not to leave items like golf or volleyball nets, hammocks or outdoor items out where wildlife can get caught in them.